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An endowment provides stability and independence for a nonprofit and a source of sustainability for the long term.  The ability of an organization to have access to funds being generated from an endowment should have a lasting impact on the organization.  Thus, we take the time to work with key staff and board members to create an investment strategy that supports the organization’s mission and goals.  

Retirement Plans

With numerous options in the nonprofit space when it comes to retirement plans, we educate key decision makers on the benefits and disadvantages of each.  Often times an organization's budget is a key driver in the ability to offer a beneficial plan; we take pride in providing creative ideas to make sure a plan is available for nonprofit employees, while still being affordable to the organization.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Planning

We work with the executive director and key decision makers to design plans that provide a comprehensive and coordinated approach, along with ongoing service as the nonprofit evolves.  We help our clients avoid the following: benefit plans that do not match employer intended goals; minimal personalized service; and unnecessary costs to the nonprofit.

Planned Giving

One of the most popular and fastest-growing vehicles for charitable giving is a donor-advised fund, which offers a flexible solution for overseeing and maximizing your charitable giving. The ability to offer board members and key donors the proper avenue to create a donor-advised fund is a huge advantage for an organization. An additional benefit to the donor is the donation to the fund is eligible for a full tax deduction on the date it is received by the organization.