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Retirement Plans

With numerous options in the retirement planning space for small businesses to large corporations, we educate key decision makers on the benefits and disadvantages of each.  We take pride in providing creative ideas and designing plans that are beneficial to all employees, while also achieving the goals of the business.  Additionally, we help business owners and key decision makers understand their fiduciary obligations.

Employee Education

We make sure employees understand their retirement plan and how their financial decisions can affect them now and in the future.  Additionally, we offer them the opportunity to have holistic financial planning conversations.  Aside from guidance around retirement planning, there are a variety of areas that employees find equally as important to learn about.  These range from understanding the most efficient way to pay down student loans, to saving for nonretirement goals, to maximizing their social security benefits.  We give employees the opportunity to attend regularly scheduled meetings around the various topics to further their education and understanding.

Business Planning

Often times, a business owner's biggest concerns are the premature death, disability or retirement of him or herself, his/her partner(s) or key employee(s).  Through evaluating the structure of the business and understanding the owner's long term plan, we're able to provide education and strategies to protect the owner and the business.  In addition, we work with business owners' CPAs and/or attorneys to ensure that all planning is aligned. 

Employee Benefits

We work with business owners and key decision makers to design plans that provide a comprehensive and coordinated approach, along with ongoing service as the business evolves.  We help our clients avoid the following: benefit plans that do not match employer intended goals; minimal personalized service; and unnecessary costs to the business.